The Bank Barn

Sitting adjacent to the Sweet House on a 50 by 80 foot lot along Loop Road, was the original bank barn which had burned in the late 1960’s, leaving only the stone foundation walls. It had been the site of a barn which had been part of the property and was the entrance to town at that time. In the summer of 1984, this lot became available. William Sweet had passed away and his three daughters were willing to sell the property to the Museum for $5,000. Purchase was approved by the members at the June 28 meeting.

For almost 40 years, the only thing that remained was the stone foundation. The Board of Directors organized a master plan for the site to rebuild the barn and make it a functioning part of the museum, coupled with improvement of the infrastructure to provide a concrete sidewalk and curbs to enhance safety. In 2008, the goal was reached.

Today, a new barn sits on the original site of the former bank barn. The new bank barn was built in 2008 with funds raised by the Boalsburg Heritage Museum Association. The new bank barn is a handmade 35 by 56 foot bank barn, constructed from native woods. The foundation is set back 10 feet from the current right-of-way, which differs from the original foundation due to Township regulations. However, the stones of the old foundation have been saved for later use.

The new bank barn currently exhibits farm implements that were previously stored in the woodshed. Among the collection are vintage tractors, horse-drawn carriages and sleighs, and other transportation and farming tools.

The original bank barn foundation as seen in 2006. The original bank barn burned to the ground 40 years earlier – in the late 1960’s – and was never rebuilt until after The Boalsburg Heritage Museum Association acquired the property. In 2008, the Boalsburg Heritage Museum Association raised the funds for new construction of the current bank barn.